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Information Technology Acts Paper Kassie A. Walker BIS/220 November 8, 2011 Mr. Shane Milazzo Information Technology Acts Congress has implemented many laws to protect the integrity of the citizens of the United States within this age of technology. Many of these laws or acts are only less than a decade old.

As our nation grows the laws of the United States grow right along with it. The Acts that are going to be discussed within this essay are: Do Not Call Act, 2003 and The Children’s Protection Act, 2000 (CIPA).The Do Not Call Act, 2003 was reported in the House of Representatives on February 22, 2003 and has not been amended since this date. This Act authorizes the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to regulate and enforce requirements relating to the “do-not- call” list or registry. Individuals can register on this list to prevent telemarketers from contacting them by phone.

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Telemarketers started using clever techniques to communicate with future clients. The use of automated calling systems was one of these techniques.These automated calling systems appeared with no call back numbers and no way of getting in contact with anyone to request that they do not call again, because of these reasons The Do Not Call Act, 2003 was established to set ethical boundaries on telephone number abuse. We are in a world where technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives. As a result of our intensive use of technology our kids have also become frequent users of technology.Many devices that surround our kids are internet capable. Our home, school, and library computers, cell phones, video game consoles, and even our televisions can be made to be internet ready.

Anyone can access the world wide web without a face, name or even a voice because of this Acts or laws were made to protect the innocence of our children and one of them is the Children’s Internet Protection Act, 2000 (CIPA).The CIPA was passed and became law in early 2001. “The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is a federal law enacted by Congress to address concerns about access to offensive content over the Internet on school or library computers. ” (http://www.

fcc. gov/guides/childrens-internet-protection-act) Because of this Act schools and libraries have to use filters that prohibit children from accessing inappropriate subject matter and images.This also helps to protect our kids from online predators and potentially dangerous situations. Both of this Acts, The Do Not Call Act, 2003 and the Children’s Protection Act, 2000, have been necessary in this world of advanced technology. These types of acts and laws help to keep the privacy of our citizens intact.

Reference http://www. fcc. gov/guides/childrens-internet-protection-act http://www.

govtrack. us/congress/bill. xpd? bill=h108-395&tab=summary


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