Information Systems Implementation

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Company provides auto insurance coverage for licensed drivers in the state of
Indiana. The companys headquarter is located in the city of Speedway where it
has two strategic business units located at the cities of Waterloo and Corydon.

In all, BWAIC employs approximately 150 people with internal departments
consisting of the Policy, Claims, Payroll, Personnel, and Insurance Agents.

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Currently, BWAIC insures 50,000 policyholders statewide. Last year, BWAICs
net profit was $875,000. With certain state regulations, along with related
socioeconomic impacts, the company expects an increase of new policies to
underwrite. Accordingly, BWAIC is interested in positioning itself in the market
where: 1) Internal exchange of information is efficient, 2) It improves its
Customer Service, 3) Share information with external business contacts. PROJECT
OBJECTIVE To stimulate a vision within the company of leading the market in
customer service through an efficient information system and to utilize the most
current technologies at lowest possible cost. EXPECTED BENEFITS Internal: An
improved information process where business applications provide intelligent
solutions, secured data, and improved communication exchange between units and
offices. External: To provide an advantage over the market where the
interactions between the company and its external business environment produces
customer satisfaction. Accordingly, this will have a positive impact on customer
service where efficiency on the point of contact, through the lifetime of the
policy, is evident. SYSTEMS PROFILE Currently, BWAICs network setup doesnt
provide an efficient exchange of information between its key departments. Each
department utilizes their own business transaction system within a mainframe
environment. This input-output process performs the processing of their business
transactions. The departments: Policy, Claims, Personnel, Payroll, Legal and
Insurance Agents, have varying application needs. Likewise, they share a common
interest to achieve the best customer service possible. The Policy
department has users that perform the administrative and technical type of work
as it relates to underwriting insurance policies. The Claims department has
users that perform calculations for the reserves of claims. They review the
potential liability costs involve in customers claims. The Legal department
relies heavily on an efficient exchange of information. The Personnel, Policy
and Legal are information oriented departments. Claims and Payroll, on the other
hand, relies heavily on accurate calculations of fiscal data. It is reported
that the current databank is reaching its capacity. The current system is also
inhibiting their customer service where the turnaround to process a claim takes
about 90 days. The strategic locations of the Business units also contribute to
the problems of the current system. The mainframe system negatively impacts the
companys ability to reach out to their customers. The Insurance Agents are
limited to the office in terms of processing new clients. Under the mainframe
system, the structure of the database is costly to maintain and support. Also,
it limits the companys ability to intelligently process their information and
exchange them with their external business environment. RECOMMENDED SOLUTIONS
There are a variety of systems available in todays market. Costs will depend
on the companys desire on long-term solutions. In todays information
environment BWAIC needs to position itself to compete with other insurance firms
with an advantage of having the best technological tools. An efficient system
will produce satisfied customers and intelligent employees. This change in
information culture will allow the company to utilize their resources more
efficiently where performance reports and external data help the managers make
intelligent business decisions. It is without reservations that I recommend the
following solutions for the BWAIC: Network Planning of the backbone and the
network foundation is vital to the success of this project. It is recommended
that a Client/Server network is implemented through a TCP/IP protocol. Each
offices will operate as Local Area Network (LAN) connected together as a Wide
Area Network (WAN). Each office and users will have the ability to exchange
information instantaneously. This configuration will produce the best and
secured environment for which powerful machines (Server) produce and process the
information to the users (Client) of the information. The backbone (Bandwidth)
have to support the type of data that will travel between the offices and
through the customers. Each department will utilize their own groupware that
will process their information. This information system will be accessible via
remote access to allow mobility and flexibility for managers to strategically
position their resources and staff. To supplement this, it is recommended that
an Intranet is put in place so as to allow information to external business
contacts and customers via Extranet. The Intranet solution will also be the
method that will enable E-Commerce activity and gain a market advantage
Conversion of the database to a Relational Database


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