In this book they tell you about a man called Edmo

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nd Dantes. He was put in prison for delivering a letter from his dead
Captain. While in prison he met a man called Farid who told him a story of some treasure and where it was
hidden. When his
friend Farid died, they put his body in a bag. Dantes took the body out of the bag and put it in his bed. Then
he took the place
of the dead man. That night two men came and took the body to the grave that was the sea. They threw the
body in the sea and Dantes cut the bag open. He swam to an island so that he could be free.
A ship came and rescued Dantes. The ship was called the Young Amelia and it was a free trader ship. The
young Amelia was
sailing to the island of Monte Cristo to meet a ship from Turkey. This ship was carrying silk worth a lot of
money. When Dantes
reached the island of Monte Cristo he went ashore and found the treasure. Dantes took as much as he could
carry with him. At Genoa, he bought a small ship. Dantes sailed his yacht back to the island
of Monte Cristo. He took all the treasure, then sailed to Marseilles. Dantes changed his name to the Count
of Monte Cristo so
he could not be caught. This is why they called the book The Count of Monte Cristo.

Reading Level:Young Adult
Setting:This book takes place after the reign of Napoleon and mostly in France.
Summary:Edmond Dantes is a sailor on a ship. He is out at see and his Captain has died. On the Captain’s
death bed he asks
Dantes to deliver a message to a man on an island. He does so and returns with the ship safely home. At
home Dantes has a
fiancee named Mercedes whom he loves very much. However, Mercedes cousin is also in love with her.
Mercedes chooses
Dantes. A shipmate of Dantes and Mercedes’ Cousin’s conspire against him. On Dantes’ wedding day he is
arrested because
he delivered the letter for his Captain to somebody who was a traitor in Dantes’ country. Because of this he
is sent to jail for life
in the Chateau d’If. While in jail he befriends another prisoner who has been able to dig tunnels throughout
the prison. Dantes
tells his friend of what has happened to him and the friend says that he was framed by people he thought to
be his friends. The
fellow prisoner is an Abee and teaches Dantes so he becomes very smart. The Abee dies and Dantes
escapes, but before the
Abee’s death he tells Dantes of a secret treasure. Dantes finds the treasure and is becomes very rich. This
story takes us with
Dantes who changes his name to the Count of Monte Cristo to seek revenge and to find the love whom he
has lost.
Character Sketches:
Edmond Dantes (later the Count of Monte Cristo) was a sailor who loved his fiancee. He went to jail
and got stuck up
on revenge.
Fernand Mondego was one of the people who had Dantes framed. He became a famed soldier and got
that way by
being a traitor to people. He was un-trustworthy when it came to him getting what he wanted.
Danglars was one of the people who had Dantes framed. He became a wealthy banker. He was un-
trustworthy when it
come to him getting what he wanted.
De Villefort was one of the people who had Dantes framed. He was a judge, but he dismissed evidence
brought by
Dantes because it dishonored his family. He was un-trustworthy when it came to him getting what he
Recommendation: This is an exciting book that takes you into the depth of love and revenge, don’t let the
amount of pages discourage you this is still a hell of a good book.
Themes or key ideas:Love, revenge, money, friends, enemies, and intrigue
Controversial Material:There is virtually no controversial material in this book. There is no swearing, sex,
or bloody killings.
Overall, the book was terrific, though. Readers really get to sympathize with Edmond and his plight. It is a
classic tale of good
triumphing over evil, with a cast of memorable

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