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The importance of the self-concept in guidance stems from the fact that individuals live in separate and constantly changing worlds which constitute the only reality they can ever know. The individual is the center of his world, and we can never completely share his view of things since we can never join him in his private world. To understand our behaviour we need to assume that all of us have drives to actualise, maintain, and enhance ourselves and that what we do constitutes an attempt to satisfy our needs in the world as we see it.

We all behave in ways that are consistent with our view of ourselves and our world. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of self- understanding. A well-formulated self-concept that takes into account the realities of the working world makes for an easier transition from school to work than does a hazy or unrealistic one.

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A major goal of education is the development of clear, well- formulated, and realistic self-concepts. Guidance workers also attempt to help people develop clear and consistent self-images not too opposed to social reality and not too distant from the ideal which we all hold up for ourselves.


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