Interrelationship two issues is very close. Li is

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 Interrelationship between relatives is the product of culture and civilization. Unlike, animals people love each other, show respect toward each other and so on.

Thus, if we have Li we have moral, if we act like Li we act morally. Li makes people to self-perfect by means of rites and rituals. The rites refer to attitude toward life and death. Life is beginning, death is the end so if we are polite and respectful in relation to our parents while they live that means to worship your parents.

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The death of person means that s/he gone forever so this is last chance to serve your parents.Interdependence between this two issues is very close. Li is one that contains Ren and it cannot be separated. According to your rites and cultural behavior you become humane and according to humanness you become culturally developed. To be Li is to be moral so that means to be kind and benevolence to surrounding people. We everyday interact with people who are our parents, friends, relatives, colleges, group mates and other we try to be polite ands nice so to be Ren and according to this we behave in a moral way with them so this is wise.

Ren, also in my opinion, refers to honesty.You have to honestly say if you know something or if you do not know something and it will be wise so this is Li, from my point of view. If you make such kind of confession for yourself that will be wise. Also, responsibility refers to be a wise man so Ren should be wise. To keep your promise if you have done. Do not be a friend for someone who is worse than you, because from him or her you will not get something useful and good.

This also means that you have to think before saying something so to be careful in actions. This also some kind of responsibility, because you are responsible for all that you say.This is Li that is a part of Ren and this is moral behavior according to all people who are around you. So I think there is straight relationship between these two issues. Wisdom and knowledge plays a huge role in analects of Confucius. According to Confucius wisdom is absolute welfare of human minds.

Also, wisdom is to use knowledge in the right way. However, not always to have much knowledge means to be wise. You can possess a lot of knowledge, but you can be bad and angry man so this is not concerning Li and Ren. Human nature have to be cultural, if human kind is not moral so he cannot be kind and polite.Human nature is evil according to Confucius, he has to study to become kind.

Person born with greediness and meanness, but unlike animals, person has intellect that can correct the low human nature. To become cultural person has to work with himself in order to possess kindness. .

To be wise means to keep all in balanced: Ren, Li, and Knowledge. Everything have to be interrelated. To be wise means to use your knowledge in the right way, to use knowledge skillfully means to be wise, to be wise and have knowledge means to be Ren and Li, to be humane and to be in accordance with your rites means to be wise.To my mind, interdependence between Ren and Li is very close.

For instance, I appreciate my parents and show respect toward them. I am polite with them and kind and while I have a chance I look after them and try to do my best for them. Ren cannot be without Li and Li cannot be without Ren. As for me, reading and analyzing those analects provided me some ideas about constructing and making future plans of my life. I agree that benevolence , virtue, respect, clearness in thoughts are the parts of success.On the other hand being too much benevolent like unable to express own opinion is not right, man should have freedom to innovate, to improve skills and to grow up in mind. Freedom is tool of discovering and inventing new.

Of course, people can be shown by someone way to follow if this way is noble, but only show. Thus, people should always try to make their living memorable for everyone, because only like this people can get peace of mind, soul and interacting with others. Ren and Li makes people refine makes the human nature more wise, polite, kind.


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