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You have already written a dozen of essays, but to begin with your work, it is still useful to understand how to write them in order to avoid mistakes and have an already prepared plan how you will do your work.

Let’s get to some general rules about writing an essay. At first, you should pick a theme. You are here because you already know your task, so what you need to do is to brainstorm your topic. Do the research, collect the info. Then you should develop a thesis. Take your time and outline your essay.

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Write your essay and finally edit your writing to check spelling and grammar. It looks not that difficult, right?For some people, it can be easier not to sit down and write an essay from beginning to end but start with the research and simultaneously put items into an outline. It means you can begin with sorting out the information as you read. Later you will only have to correct your writing, add some introducing, connecting sentences and you are ready.SMALL out the entire development of this tool

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