How to Undertake Rural School Programme? (3 Principal)

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Local community should accept the main responsibility for all items of expenditure, connected with the local school except remuneration of teachers and supervisors. Even then some kind of grant-in- aid must be provided by the State Government in accordance with the needs of the school and the resources of the local community.

3. Local School be made a Centre of Community Life:

The local school should evolve a programme of service to be local community and it should become a centre of its life as far as possible.

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For the successful implementation of this programme, teachers should be trained in the methods by which the school can develop a close relationship with the community through its programme of activities.

Secondly, the training institutions should be equipped to discharge this function with zeal and efficiency.

Thirdly, the local communities should be orientated to take a greater interest in their schools and to help them function better.


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