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A policy assists decision-making but deviations may be needed, as exceptions and under some extra-ordinary circumstances. Such a policy asserts the objectives of the recruitment and provides a framework of implementation of the recruitment programme in the form of procedures.

1. A policy should be definite, positive and clear. Everyone in the organisation should understand it.

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2. A policy should be translatable into practice. 3. A policy should be flexible and at the same time have a high degree of permanency.

4. A policy should be formulated to take care of all reasonable anticipated conditions. 5. A policy should be founded upon facts and sound judgement. 6.

A policy should conform to economic principles, statutes and regulations. 7. A policy should be a general statement of the established rule. Therefore, a well-considered and pre-planned recruitment policy, based on corporate goals and needs may avoid hasty decisions and help the organisation to appoint the right type of personnel.

According to Yoder, a “recruitment policy” may “involve a commitment to broad principles such as filling vacancies with the best-qualified individuals. It may also involve the organisation system to the developed for implementing recruitment programme and procedures to the employed”. Therefore, recruitment policy involves a commitment by the organisation to principles such as: (a) To find and employ the best qualified persons for each job. (b) To retain the best talent by offering life-time careers and (c) Facilitating personal growth on the job. Conditions Necessary for a Good Recruitment Policy:A good recruitment policy must satisfy the following conditions:

1. Organisation’s Objectives:

A good recruitment policy should be in conformity with the organisations objectives. It must take into consideration the basic parameters for recruitment decisions.

2. Identification of the Recruitment Needs:

A good recruitment policy should be flexible enough to meet the changing needs of an organisation. The recruiters should prepare profiles for each category of workers and accordingly work out the employee’s specification.

3. Ensure Long term Employment Opportunities for the Employees:

A good recruitment policy should be so designed as to ensure career growth for its employees on a long-term basis. It should help in developing the potentialities.

of employees.

4. Preferred Sources of Recruitment:

A good recruitment policy should match the qualities of employees with the requirements of the work for which they are employed. The preferred sources of recruitment, which would be tapped by the organisation for, say skilled or semi-skilled workers, could be internal sources or employment exchanges whereas for highly specialised managerial personnel, external sources could be preferred.


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