Hospitality Perspective

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1. Why do people work in the Hospitality Industry? Answer: The Hospitality Industry consists a number of fields within the service industry, including the food and beverage, lodging or accommodation, gaming, entertainment, event planning, theme parks, cruise line and transportation. In addition to these are the fields in the tourism industry like airline and travel agencies. Because of the increasing interest for food and travel of the population, there is also an increasing demand for the work force in the hospitality industry.

And because the hospitality industry is a several billion-dollar industry, which mostly depends on the available disposable income and leisure time, people see a lot of big and good opportunities with regard the hospitality business. 2. What is the outlook for the hospitality in terms of the following a. Accelerating Competition b. Service c. Security d. Sanitation e. Globalization Answer: a. Accelerating Competition The competition across segments has increased dramatically, so as the international competition.

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This competition within the hospitality industry has led to more emphasis on creating niches and better management practices and will continue to grow and improve over the years. b. Service Today, the services of the hospitality industry have extended from food and beverage and accommodation to other services like gaming, entertainment, theme parks, etc. More and more people are interested of joining the hospitality industry, and are willing to be educated with regards its operation. More over, these people are also and / or will be educated of the proper service that should be rendered to guests.

If this will continue, the hospitality industry in the future will have more educated work force, rendering the best services to its guests or customers. Service is what brings the customers back and what prevents them from retuning. Those establishments that provide excellent services will inevitably lead their segments. c. Security The out look for the hospitality industry is very positive, however there are some factors that are affecting how the industry operates and the products and services that are offered to the customers.

The 9/11 attack in New York; the conflict between the U. S. and Iraq; the H1N1 in Mexico, Bird flu in Asian countries; the Quirino Grandstand hostage taking in the Philippines, these are some of the recent events that resulted to travel restrictions, safety and security issues, cost of operations, government regulations and destinations that have been affected. d. Sanitation The hospitality industry, especially the food service industry is not just concerned about giving the best service.

Part of our job as hospitality industry professionals is to ensure the health and safety of our guests. Because of the growing awareness of people about sanitation, the hospitality industry is being more responsible in preparing and serving its products to the guests. With the education and development of the sanitation processes that we have right now, the hospitality industry will have a continuous progress in the succeeding years. e. Globalization Globalization is the increasing global relationships of culture, people and economic activity.

The globalization has a lot of positive impacts not only in the hospitality industry but also in the tourism industry. These positive impacts are as follows: 1. Exposure to different cultures- as people get along with others in their walk of life, they tend to gain more knowledge. 2. Larger market- people travel not only for holidays, but also for business, health and other purposes, that generates income, majority coming from international visitors. 3. Boosts the economy- visitors that are coming in spend their money that results to the multiplier effect and the increase in foreign exchange. . Technology advancement- to attract more tourists, hospitality organizations needs to constantly upgrade and improve its products and services. 5. Promotes creativity- constantly creating new unique and innovative ideas to attract guests and tourists. 6. More job opportunities- the more people that comes in our country, the more people are needed to be served that results to our need of a larger work force. 7. Boosts the travel industry 8. Variety of international services/cuisines


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