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Describe and explain the electoral fortress if the NSDAP between 1924 and
In 1928, Germany had an election the NSDAP (the Nazi party) did poorly.

They had 810,000 votes out of 40 million voters. That is only 2.6 per cent
of all the votes, which gave them 12 seats in parliament. They did so badly
that people did not see Hitler as a threat no more. Therefore, they lifted
the ban on him, now he could give speeches wherever he likes. The result
was a surprise to all the other political parties as well as Hitler
himself, because he had spent four year changing the party and its image.

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In 1924, Hitler was realised from prison after serving 4 years imprisonment
in Lansbach Castle.1924 Hitler promised that he would not start any putsch,
other wise the ban on the NSDAP would be lifted. Hitler realised, if wanted
power then he has to follow the democratic method. Even though he hated
democracy, and it would take much longer then a revolution, he knows he had
no other choice; this method was called the path of Legality. The path of
Legality is not the path that he wanted to go down but he knew that if he
tried to start a putsch again then he would be sent to prison for life,
this time around. Moreover, he could not take that risk; Hitler would make
the same mistake two times in a row. Now Hitler was beginning to see
himself as a leader too, because he had a lot of time to think through all
the mistakes he has made and to improve the party further, while he was in

Hitler was not allowed to make public speeches in some cities, even though
NSDAP is once again a legal party, because Hitler had such strong influence
on people with his oratorical skills.

While Hitler was in prison, the NSDAP started to fight and split in to
smaller branches. Therefore, he had to join them together and show them who
the leader is. Hitler realised, for them to win a place in government he
has to change the whole image of the party. The Nazi party is not a small
local party any more; it is going to become a national party, so they had
to have members of their party all across the country. Hitler made network
of parties, each party was in their own Gaue, and it was led by a
Gauleriter, then the Gaue was sub-divided further into Kreis, which were
lead, by Kreislriter. Germany was divided into 35 Gaue and its boards were
very clear and organised. Before, it was very difficult to separate each
region because it was so unorganised. Each of the regions main aim were to,
focus on propaganda, speeches, giving out leaflets; they also raised funds
for the party to run, nd they were supporting their candidate standing in
for election.

The Nazi members would try to get very important people in a community to
join their party, so that people who admire these people would become
members of the party too. They got a lot of member in that way.

Hitler also realised that a lot of the party are trying to attract the
working classes vote, so it would be very difficult to gain all much
support from them. So they have to look at different classes like the
mittlestand, they are usually the worst hit when anything goes wrong and
there is not that many parties for them too chose from. Therefore, the
mittlestand became one of the Nazi’s targets and potential voters. The Nazi
has also targeted the Farmers because they were going through a rough time
and they want support from the government. The party would say one thing to
the Mittlestand and another to the farmers, it did not really mater what is
said as long as the Nazi’s get in to power, they are only saying all of
this to get the votes, they have no intention of for filling any of the
polices that they have told these people.

However, the downfall of the party is, Hitler have given each region a lot
of independence. Therefore, they can do what ever they want in their region
as long as they are campaigning for the party. So different regions seemed
to have slightly different policies to another, or have diverse strategise
of campaigning to another. It also brought a lot of rivalry in to the
party, various regions started to compete with each other to get


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