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The bombing of Hiroshima is one of the most memorable events In all of United States history. Because of this, many people done research and written about it. One of these people is John In his book, Hiroshima, Hersey examines the events and aftermath of the atomic bomb as seen by residents of Hiroshima.Hersey explores their reactions and events as they occurred and the medical effects of the atomic bomb. He also brings up themoral aspects of the bombing by posing the question “Was it Hersey’s style of writing about people, not just events intrigued me. Because of his more personal style, I wanted to read more about what was going on at the time.

I have studied the subject matter in the past and want to further my knowledge by learning more about the time period, history, politics and People. In writing my research paper, I hope to achieve this The first part of my paper will contain background information on what was going on at the time the bomb was dropped. I will briefly describe the war and the different options the United States had aside from the usage of the atomicbomb.

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After doing so, the decision to use the atomic bomb, the making of the atomic bomb and the Manhattan project will be clearly defined. The paper will then discuss the events of the day and the immediate reaction to the atomic bomb. Finally, I will expound the personal accounts of people in Hiroshima and the medical aspects of atomic radiation; both immediate and long In writing this paper, I hope to provide accurate information on the bombing at Hiroshima while showing the personal and medical sides as well. Bibliography:


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