Higgins same because they want respect and

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Higgins is a strong-minded individual, a man who takes charge and givesorder. He is just like my principal at school. She is a doctor and knowswhat she is doing and how to do it. The both know how to minuplate somebodyelse into believing them.

They also know how to get people to do what theywant to do because they are smart and strong. That was they both are likethe same because they want respect and one way to get that is to giverespect and after they get respect they get the power and encouragementfrom their peers to listen to what they have to say.One way Higgins is a strong minded individual is because he practicesand reads a lot. He also writes stuff down and make sure he has someunderstanding in what he is getting hisself into. Also he is demanding heknows what he wants and he likes to get right down to the point. He doesn’tlike to beat around the bush and that what makes him an strong mindedindividual. On the other hand my principal is some what they same. Shelikes to look at stuff and examine what is going on before she reacts onsomething.

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If she believe something is going on she doesn’t go histaracalbut she actually wants to go look for her self before she judges anything.That what makes her an strong minded individual.They both are people who are good and knows what they wants out oflife. That is why I compared both of them together because Higgins is anold time figure and my principal is my modern figure of someone that takescharge and leads people into doing good. The both are well respected anddoesn’t like a lot of problems going on and likes to deal with things in anhead to head manner.


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