The do we value them? In business

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The Go Giver The go giver book is an outstanding business tool. As a business owner I can completely relate to this book and the message it is delivering. In business we tend to set are goals based on what we want to accomplish, and what we want out of the business relationship or what can they do for me! These wants can misconstrue are goals, most people take as much as they can and never give, it makes you wonder how the they are receiving.In the book we are taught the five laws of stratospheric success.

These laws can be utilized in everyday life. The book is really about you as a person, not business or life, it is how you treat life and the value you place on the things in your life. Value what is value, I believe value is different for everyone we all have things or relationships we value, how much do we value them? In business what do we value, Do we value our client? Do we value our company? Do we value our products?In the business world relationships and good relationships are built on trust, is trust a value. Yes I do believe so. 95% of clients will work with someone they trust, the client feels valued, they also work with someone who seen as a giver.

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Good business relationships are NOT built on the product, the selection or the service a company has. They are built with the person that is offering these products to them. That person needs to be able to give the client an added value within the product they are offering.This adds value is very simple. Themselves!! When we offer this we are creating are own stratospheric success. See the more we value, the more we give, the more we put others first, the more we shall receive. We have to be true and genuine when we do these things. We have to be open, open minded open hearted to these concepts, we have to apply them fully as all five laws work in conjunction with one another, and we cannot do three or four and expect a result.

See full circle is a basic function in life. We must practice these everyday and in every relationship we incur. The results are not always in our favor, as in the book, Joe did not get the one big account that he had so coveted, but because of the Giver in Joe when he gave his competition the account that he could not provide the service they need, As a direct result of this compensation when a client need a service that another firm could not handle the call was placed to Joe.

So in the end Joe got the huge account, not the one he wanted, but an even larger one, this account was gained due to giving, receiving, and through Joe’s army of personal walking ambassadors. So in the end it all came back Full circle. Reminds me of the Six degrees of separation


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