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The broad concepts the Global Connections theme teaches are that humans connect with other humans from around the world. From the beginning of time for mankind, we have observed and learned from watching others around us. This has enabled us to create new things, things we possibly might not have otherwise thought of if we didn’t see it from another source. Connecting in this way has caused an evolution which makes up the world in which we live today. Because of this evolution the way we connect with other humans has also evolved.

For example with the use and growth of technology, humans are able to connect more today than ever before. The technology we have today is possible because of the connections individuals have made with others from around the world. This also teaches students that everyone here on planet Earth depend on one another in some way. For example, we depend on the farmers to provide us with produce and farmers depend on us to buy the food to help with their salary. The heart of this theme is, as humans we all share this Earth and this gives us a natural connection.This fact also makes it an important theme to address in Social Studies. Social Studies education is to learn about the world around us, this in itself is Global Connections. Since the beginning of time on Earth, humans have explored and discovered new places and people.

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It is in our nature to observe and connect with the world around us. As teachers it is important to use this natural curiosity to further our students understanding of connections of humans from the past, present and future. This theme could be integrated with other content areas such as Science.

Students can research the various inventions that were created from individuals who have connected with other people’s ideas. For example the evolution of transportation, humans using animals, sailboats, trains, cars, air planes and space ships all for the same reason, to get to a desired destination more efficiently. The soul purpose of this theme is to enlighten students with the knowledge that humans share this world and we as a human race can, should and do use each other’s ideas to learn and evolve.


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