Like stool, thinking deeply in thought, swirling

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Like the little wooden house, and the rest of the land surrounding it, Lennie was dragged back into the distance, twice as fiercely.

George looked on utterly helplessly. He looked down at his steady right hand, it was starting to burn. He looked focused on it closely, but tearfully. The imprint of a luger covered in warm sticky blood was etched into his hand. He was soaked in rain, but the stinging and the pain in his chest wouldn’t go away. George shot up, covered in sweat. He found himself in the corner of a bar, Slim was sitting next to him on a stool, thinking deeply in thought, swirling his drink in his glass.George’s whole body was aching, his throat was dry, and he couldn’t feel any strength in his body.

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He groaned quietly, trying to shake off the flash backs of the dream. Slim immediately saw him and helped him up. ‘ You had a few too many drinks and fell asleep’, Slim told him. ‘Lennie! ‘ George asked, horrified.

‘Let’s get you to the bathroom’ Slim replied. George immediately summoned up strength in his body and vomited into one of the toilets, retching, until nothing was left to bring up. ‘Get it all out of your system’ Slim called reassuringly.George wearily dragged himself back towards Slim, vigorously rubbing his hands together, anxiously. ‘I’ve got his blood all over my hands, I can’t, I can’t get off it off Slim! ‘ George ran to the sinks to scrub his pale hands, Slim followed him. ‘Calm down George’ Slim said, grabbing his arm firmly, and swivelled him round. ‘Calm down George, we both know why Lennie died, you didn’t have any other choice, and it was the only way, it was for the best, George, for everyone’. Slim comforted him, sympathetically.

‘The sheriffs are going to be here soon, so keep to the story which everyone believes, you had to do it for your own protection, that he was a threat’, you could get hung if you don’t, do you understand George? ‘ Slim asked. ‘I don’t care if I go to jail any more, I deserve to be punished, I killed someone, I killed Lennie! I can’t bad name him too, it’s inhumane! ‘ ‘Look, George, you can’t tell the sheriffs anything, you can’t trust them, they won’t understand what you did, and why you did it. They won’t understand how Lennie was.Slim grabbed Lennie’s hand and put it on top of his own head. George you’ve got to promise me, swear on our friendship, that you will stick to the story that everyone knows. YOU HAD TO SHOOT HIM OR HE WOULD SHOOT YOU OR ANY ONE ELSE NEAR HIM. ‘ George tried to pull his hand away but Slim was too strong. ‘Don’t do this Slim, I can’t just live like nothing happened, I can’t just live normally! ‘ George argued.

‘Well you have to, it’s gonna be hard, but Lennie would have understood, he would have wanted you to carry on, he is at peace now’. George had no choice but to reluctantly agree.’Now get yourself together, the Sheriffs are coming soon, don’t let them get to you, they’re sly, but you can cope, don’t give anything away, got it? George nodded helpless and obediently. The sheriff arrived half an hour later. George and Slim were in the barn. ‘Good evening, gentlemen. So, which one of ya’s is George Minton? ‘ The Sheriff asked, nodding at them.

‘I am’ George replied weakly. ‘You’re the last person I need to speak to, about Lennie Small’s death’, he continued. ‘He weren’t so small now was he? ‘ He said aloud to them, smiling slightly.’I’ve talked to the other ranch workers who were at the scene, but now I want your side of the story’, grinned the Sheriff, mockingly. ‘Ok, but Slim stays too’, George replied defensively. ‘As ya wan’ it’, I need to ask him some questions too, later’, the Sheriff replied grinning again. ‘These are Lennie’s possessions’ the Sheriff said solemnly, ‘you can choose what you do with them, keep them or throw them away, it’s up to you’. He handed George and Slim Lennie’s possessions, his coat, and his shoes.

‘You can come to collect his body tomorrow, so you can lay him to rest for good’. He nodded at them, and left.George stared at the Lennie’s things, uncertain about what to do with them. Slim put his hand on George’s shoulder, and then he walked out the room to talk to the Sheriff, giving George some privacy. A few moments passed before he put down Lennie’s possessions on a hay stack. His boots still had fresh mud on them, and the shoe laces on one were undone-typical Lennie. Next George picked up Lennie’s denim coat, carefully.

Some of the brass buttons were chipped, and a few were missing, and replaced with make shift wooden ones, and there were specks of blood on the back of it’s collar, it was still damp.


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