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Which one should you pick? Each contender for the 7th Generation Console War is in the ring, but which one will emerge victorious in the end. Firstly a brief note on each console. Xbox 360 – What I would call the all rounder console which ever way you look at it. It has stunning graphics, the legendary Xbox Live and one of the best title lists I’ve ever seen.

It really appeals to a hardcore gamer and average once-every-couple-of-days player.Nintendo Wii – I didn’t even think this was a contender..

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. until I brought one. It has good graphics, a very impressive interface and the best gaming experience you will ever come across. Playstation 3 – The Holy Grail for gamers, it’s got the best graphics, a fairly good selection of games (for now) and the High-Definition Blu-Ray. However, do you really want to pay that ridiculous price or get sucked into another one of Sony’s failing formats? (It is doing well for the moment though)Pricing Xbox 360 – $400 and 270 which is fairly well priced, as you do get a year of Xbox live included, and a whole load of accessories. There is cheaper version though, which leaves out most unnecessary bits.

 Nintendo Wii – $250 and 180, an amazing price. This is so cheap; you get the essentials needed to play and Wii Sports. Wii Sports does come with 5 mini games that anyone can start playing regardless of age or experience. Playstation 3 – 425, okay I’ll say it; this price is stupid. Most people have probably been put off of buying it because of the price.

The Playstation does not come with a lot of accessories either.Best Feature Xbox 360 – Xbox Live is an amazing feature that allows users from all over the world to connect and play major titles with or against each other. However this does cost extra money, in fact it requires a regular fee, but you do get the silver subscription for a year free when you buy the console. Nintendo Wii – The motion control for Wii is the most amazing piece of electrical engineering of the decade. It is so simple to master, yet so in depth. Every bit of movement really counts.

Each twist, every turn and pretty much anything else you can do with the remote counts.Playstation 3 – Blu-Ray is the new format for the PS3, and is also included in the HD format war against HD-DVD. But it’s not the Blu-Ray disc that is the best feature; it is the graphics that come with it. I would personally say that PS3 is the only, truly HD console of the lot. However, do you really need those graphics? Gameplay Xbox 360 – Xbox Gameplay is surprisingly flowy, it feels nice to play, but has nothing different to Gameplay.

No motion control, unlike the other consoles but it does have…

(Yep you guessed it) Xbox Live. The multiplayer dimension is just out of this world and the one feature that only the Xbox 360 has. I could go on now and play Gears of War or another game like that with people I’ve never even met. I don’t have to convince a friend to come round and play with me either, we just connect online. Overall Xbox 360 is probably the best for most people as it is not that different from before.Nintendo Wii – There is something about the Wii which just makes everybody want to play. The moment you get one you will be drawn to Tennis which is pretty fun.

Your first game is probably the hardest as most people will not get the controls on their first go but afterwards it is so easy to play. Considering Nintendo weren’t boasting about their graphics, they were better than I expected. Gameplay was smooth and calm, yet made you feel so immersed in the game. Another feature is no matter what experience a player has games are still challenging.

Gone are the days when you started playing, and 2 hours later you had completed the game for the 10th time. The Wii is so different form anything else you will play, but can get boring after a while.Playstation 3 – This just brought me back to the good old days of the Playstation 2, it was fun to play.

Graphics were amazing (big surprise), Gameplay is as good as the PS2, but motion control was not as good as the Wii, and the games were not as good as the Xbox 360. If you liked the Playstation 2 you will probably like this. Games take a little long to load considering it has double the power of the Xbox 360. But I just have this feeling in the back of mind that Blu-ray will not catch on.

On the whole however, it was a pretty good experience.The Winner To be honest I don’t think there really is a winner. The Wii was an underdog that took everyone by surprise, but its games lack the ability to play for a long amount of time. The Xbox 360 was always a good console and it turned out very well not that advanced though. The Playstation 3 has not had a chance to shine yet, but it has not had a chance to fail yet.


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