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Gardner Intelligence Paper Nitrice C. Johnson Psychology 300 Professor Katherine Bowen July 19, 2011 Gardner Intelligence Paper When one thinks of intelligence one think that it is used to describe how smart or how not smart a person is.

Gardner’s intelligence’s theory describes the eight different intelligence’s found in many people. Gardner theory viewed intelligences as an ability or set of abilities that is used to solve problems or fashion produce products (Kowalski, & Westen, 2005).Gardner identified eight different intelligences and they are musical, bodily/kinesthetic, spatial, linguistic/verbal, logical/mathematical, naturalist, intrapersonal, and interpersonal (Kowalski, & Westen, 2005). The different intelligence’s look at how one thinks, interacts with others, musical abilities, whether or not there is control of the body and the ability to solve problems. Gardner’s theory was that most people had several of the eight intelligence’s that people were not one-dimensional but that there were multi dimensional.When looking at Gardner’s theory and asking the question of which of the intelligences can be attributed to my life. I have taken the intelligences test on many occasions and the one thing that changes constantly is in the personal intelligences I score equally intra and interpersonal.

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As an intrapersonal person I am able to understand others their feeling and actions, this has been very helpful to me in working with and counseling others. I have worked with women as a crises counselor meeting with women in the emergency room and helping them to get through the trauma of being raped.I have also worked with women who have found themselves with an unplanned pregnancy, listening to them and allowing them to make the best decision for how to deal with the problem. Intrapersonal intelligence has helped me to know when to talk as well as when to just listen when dealing with people in crises.

Interpersonal intelligence is the intelligence that allows one to understand their own actions, thoughts and motivations for what and how things are done.Through interpersonal intelligence I have learn a great deal about myself, I understand how even though I love people and being with them I also enjoy being alone with my own thoughts. When I am alone I look at how I have reacted to recent events and try to look at different ways that I could have done things differently. Things that I understand about myself are that I never make any decision without first working trough it in my mind; I listen to the inner voice or my conscious for the right answer.Through interpersonal intelligence I know that I am very methodical in the way I think and act, recently I had a problem with my right leg it was very swollen and painful.

At the time I was working for a friend and my husband told me to stay home that morning but I knew that if I stayed home I would just keep my leg elevated and not seek medical help. I went on to work stopping to pick up money for a cab for later if needed. As the pain and the swelling got worse I looked up Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and went through the checklist, noting that I had all of the symptoms.I then called my husband and asked him to meet me at the emergency room.

My looking at the problem in my leg and knowing myself well enough to know that I had to leave my home saved my life as it turned out that not only did I have a large blood clot in my leg, clots had broken and traveled to my lungs. Spatial intelligence is the ability to work through problems by creating mental images these images can be things learn from ones past or from watching others.The mind looks at the problem and will determine the best route or course of action after looking at all possible solutions. In my life I have always looked and different possible solutions to problem and worked each solution out in my mind to it’s logical conclusion. I found myself without a job in September of 2008 I have work since I was 14 years old and have never been without a job. Looking at what talents I had available to me I decided to make and sell jewelry I also made a decision to go back to school even though I had not been in school in 32 years.What was I thinking? Well one that my jewelry is beautiful and people will love it and will buy it, and 2 that 32 years is a long time to be out of school but I am determined to go back to school and get my degree. I started taking classes in July of 2009 and have just graduated with my Associates Degree in Human Services Management and counseling, now I am working on my Bachelors Degree in Psychology, it is my intention to go forward with my education and receive my Masters degree as well as my PHD.

Knowing ones intelligences is important I know that because I am and intrapersonal person that I am well suited for social work as well as counseling because I am able to read the emotions of others and have developed skills in how to defuse anger in those I have worked with. As an interpersonal intelligence person I know that I will not act on impulse I will look inside myself before reacting, I know that even though others my not understand the why’s of my decisions that I am fully aware of why and how I make the decisions I make.And finally through spatial intelligence I am able to map out solutions to problems in my mind working problems out to their most logical conclusion and then making the best decision for my situation. I will continue to work hard on my degree and will not stop until I have reach my goal of a PHD in Psychology so that I may work with activist working on women’s issues on lowering their stress and decreasing burnout through therapy. Reference: Kowalski, R. , & Westen, D.

(2005). Psychology (4th ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.


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