Frogs A tadpole looks very different from an

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Frogs are amphibians in the order Anura. The order Anura is broken down into 22 different families of frogs and toads.

Although they belong to the same order, frogs and toads are different in a lot of ways. Some of the more distinct differences are their skin and where they live. Frogs usually have smooth moist skin and toads usually have dry watery looking skin. Frogs spend most of their lives in or near water and toads spend more time on land. Amphibian means “double life.” Frogs and toads each have two parts to their lives: when they live on water and when they live land. A frog’s life starts in the water when it is hatched from an egg as a tadpole. A tadpole looks very different from an adult frog.

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A tadpole has a tail, no limbs, and breathes through gills. After a while the tadpole goes through metamorphosis. During the change the frog grows limbs, the tail disappears, it uses lungs to breathe, and it doesn’t have to live in water anymore.

As a tadpole, the frog feeds mostly on vegetation. The tadpoles have a small rasping mouth suited especially for scraping algea from the bottom of ponds. Depending on the species, it can take a few weeks to a year or more for the tadpoles to become fully grown. Not all frogs hatch as tadpoles. Some species of frogs hatch as froglets. Froglets look just like adult frogs but are a lot smaller. Froglets don’t go through a metamophosis. Most species that hatch as froglets are found in dry places.

Frogs who live in dry places where rains are seasonal have to grow up quickly because a tadpole will die if their temporary pond dries up. Adult frogs can live in water or on land, but it always needs to be near water so its respiratory organs don’t dry out. Frogs also need to be near water because most species of frogs in the water.

In most species only male frogs croake. They croak to attract female frogs, to display distress, and to warn away other male frogs. A has to protect itself from the climate because they are cold-blooded. As you can see, frogs are very different animals. You will never find one like it.


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