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Being the most influential men in psychology, Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung had both similarities and differences in their theories and insights.

Although they shared many of the same beliefs like in dreams and their symbolism of the unconsciousness, and how the unconscious mind determines traits of personality. The majority of their work contradicted the other. Freud believed in dividing the human personality into systems, and had its ground work based on the human mind’s lust for sex urges as a deciding factor in ones actions. While Jung on the contrary believed that peoples personality was divided into personaland collective consciousness, not sexual urges. Throughout the years when Freud and Jungfirst met they developed a very close father son like relationship consisting of over three hundred and fifty letters that they hand wrote to each other. However this close relationship was destined to be divided into an intense rivalry to surpass the other because of their extreme different interpretations of the human mind Sigmund Freud was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire on May 6, 1856. His father was a merchant, Freud’s family background was Jewish, but his father was a freethinker andFreud was a vowed atheist. In 1873, he entered the University of Vienna medical school.

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He found that he could get patients to talk just by putting them in a relaxing position and encouraging them to say what ever came into their heads. He could then analyze what they had remembered or expressed and determine what traumatic events in their passed had caused their current suffering.Freud published many books among them where: “The Interpretation of Dreams” in 1900, which introduced more people to the notion of the unconscious mind. “The Psycho pathology of Everyday Life” was published in 1901, and it theorized that forgetfulness and slips of the tongue were not accidental at all, but it was th…


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