Where Britain has the attractions such as sporting

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Where Britain has the attractions such as sporting events, the Palace and quality shopping facilities what can other countries offer to boost their economies. A significant campaign from Canada is aimed at encouraging visitors in the last 24 months. They choose to focus on beautiful scenery and the natural side of the country. This is a method copied by many countries and regions.

It is not only the economic impact of tourism that makes it so important. Larger number of visitors improves trading and cultural standing which can help with long term development. It is also worth bearing in mind that the level of income receivable is dependable on the tourist attraction – for example Zoos will generate from merchandise but tourist venues such as mountain ranges will not.

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For developing nations, tourism plays an even greater role; it can help gain reputation as shown via southern European nations. Poland, Romania and Bulgaria have all received EU membership in recent years assisted by being regarding as more hospitable venues. Even established venues such as the USA are appealing for tourist boosts. California is constantly bombarding Europe with offers to visit Hollywood and use high profile political figure Arnold Schwarzenegger to front the campaigns. It is that important to all nations to attract income top the economy.

What is the Long Term Result on Employment?There is a debatable impact on long term employment from tourism. For events such as The Olympics coming to town, it is limited and unlikely to create longer lasting careers. Potentially the influx of visitors to established attraction could result in longer term employment opportunities.

The knock impact of this during a recession is that fewer people travel meaning that jobs could be lost. It is a financial circle that is difficult to break and can depend on more factors than simply visitors. The impact of tourism even in a prosperous state can be massive.

It can allow small businesses to flourish and national traditions to be maintained. Next time you consider traveling to a country remember you could be having a bigger impact that simply relaxing for a few days.


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