The found an old man of about seventy

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The match was to begin at 10.30 A.

M. So I left my home for the playground at 10 A.m. Full of zeal and excitement, I had hardly gone a hundred meters, when I found an old man of about seventy who was tottering on a sloppy road for his home.

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He asked me to help him reach in his home. I thought I would make up the time by running fast to the field. So I gave him support of my arm. The old man tottered so slow that he took fifteen minutes to cross over the slope.

Now my watch told me that only 10 minutes was left for the match to begin. I was very much excited. Every passing minute was making me anxious. The old man thanked me when we reach his home and said he would tumble if I would not have helped him. Then I ran fast towards the field. I was ten minutes late but I was lucky match had been delayed. The teacher-in-charge scolded me for my reaching late. But allowed me to play the match, and we won the match.

My father ran towards me and congratulated me for winning the match. I even told him the story of the old man whom I helped. He hugged me and told me that I have done a noble work, and he is proud of me. My father presented me the auto-cycle as promised. And also bought me a remote control helicopter as a token for my good deed and encouraged me to continue doing such good deed. So that day become the most happiest day in my life.

I not only won the match but also made my father proud of me; he was happier about the good deed and gave me two gifts auto-cycle and remote control helicopter. On that we also went for dinner along with my mom and sister to celebrate Christmas. I ate my favourite pizza and Sunday ice- cream. This day will always remain the most happiest and memorable day of my life.


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