Free Essay on Science – A Blessing or a Curse for Kids

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The super fast train takes to all the four corners of India is again the great gift of science. The Supersonic jets will take us to the farthest end of the globe in no time. What a miracle! What an unspeakable marvel of science.

Even our age-old plough and oxen is replaced by mechanised farming. The tractor ploughs our fields. The tube-well irrigates our crops. The harvesting machine reaps and gathers the corn. Our life has changed altogether. The blessings of science cannot be counted on finger tips. The list is long and endless.

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This is the bright side of science. Let us not fail to see the dark side of it. It is very terrible. The horrors of misuse of science are equally fatal.

The star wars, dropping of air bombs, the destructive weapons, and the mad race of deadly armaments will suffice to finish the people of the world many times.

Recent naked dance of powerful arms in the USA—Iraq War is really heart-breaking. The words cannot describe the total loss of men and material. It is all due to the wrong use of science. Then it becomes the curse of humanity.

After all science should not over ride us. It should be our maid-servant and not master. It must be used to increase our strength and not to destroy our very existence.

Free Essay on Science – A Blessing or a Curse for Kids


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