In Demands of the division of states

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In our national constitution we have opted to be a secular state.

For India all religious, castes, creeds, regions are equal. This sense of integration is an eye sore for some outside forces. They know it well that united India is a potential power. They do not want to see India rising.

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So they have always been trying to create problems for India. So riots in the name of region or religion were ignited in India. People were made to think about the superiority of their state or religion. Thus, started communalism, casteism regionalism etc.

People started fighting with each other. Demands of the division of states on the basis of caste, religion or language started rising. In Punjab the demand for Khalistan came forward. Hindu, Sikh riots took place. Separate Bodo state was demanded in Assam by Bodo Movement. Kashmir is burning in the desire of independent statehood.

In this way people wanted to divide India into small fragments. But these demands are not of the people belonging to these states. These demands are being aired by the dividing forces only. The demand for Khalistan evaporated in the air when the people of Punjab got united. No one is there to demand for a separate Khalistan. We all should understand the unsuspicious intentions of these disintegrating powers. We have to overpower them.

People of Kashmir have understood that they belong to India only. So normally is returning to this terrorism hit state. No one can divide India. We should throw away these stumbling blocks in the way of our national integrity. People should be made aware of the greatness of this nation. We should understand one thing clearly ‘United we stand’.


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