He are fond of me and treat me

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He is generous and kind and highly respected by the inhabitants of the locality. His wife is a well-educated sensible lady. She is soft spoken and untouched by any false pride or flattery.

They have two children. The younger one is a boy, Rohit who is very naughty and the elder one is a girl, Richa, of my age. They both are good-natured and good in studies. They have a well-trained Alsatian as a pet.

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We play together in the evenings. Sometimes I also take Richa’s help to solve difficult problems in mathematics. Mr Pawar and his family celebrate every festival and with the help of contributions he arranges a party for the occasion. With this he has inculcated a family feeling among all the inhabitants. People look forward to such get-togethers eagerly. I am the only daughter of my working parents.

Whenever they have to stay away due to urgent work, my neighbours happily look after me. They are fond of me and treat me like their own daughter. During summer vacations they take me along with them and I love the company of Richa and Rohit. If anyone falls ill at my home they are the first ones to send for the doctor and arrange for the prescribed medicines. They take care not to put on loud music so that the ill person can rest undisturbed. At such times when unexpected guests visit us in a large number they are always ready with a helping hand. Even otherwise we often exchange tasty kitchen preparations. My neighbours never speak ill of anyone.

They always meet people with a warm smile. Such neighbours are rare. Someone has rightly said that we can live without our friends, but not without our neighbours. We are really lucky to have a good family in our instant neighbourhood.


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