They be an idle visionary or a

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They are not “falsified”. He will become a practical man. He will put his ‘dreams’ into practice.

Then he will not be an idle visionary or a dreamer. He will be the most practical. Some of us want to become doctors or engineers. There are still others whose aim of life is to serve the motherland. There is no end to ambitions. So are the unlimited careers.

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But whatever career as per our ambition we choose, we must stick to it firmly. We must not deviate. We should make all sincere efforts to achieve it, to fulfill it. After doing my 10+2 I shall join a medical college. I shall work whole heartedly.

I shall get my M.B.B.S. Degree. Thereafter, I shall go to a village.

There I shall open a clinic for the benefit of poor villagers. I shall serve them day and night. A doctor is not less than a God in their eyes. He is the saviour of their precious life. I shall dispense medicine charging the minimum.

Money-making shall not be the be-all and end-all of my life. Service of humanity will be my sole purpose. I shall, consider myself ‘worth while’ if I can lessen sorrows and sufferings of the village folk. It is a duty towards God.

I shall do it very faithfully. I shall accomplish it till my last breath. I shall lead a very simple life. I shall keep my ‘wants’ under check. They shall not be like an unbridled horse. I shall sleep with no burden on my mind. I shall wake with ‘thanks giving’ to the Almighty; for granting my wish.


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