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An ideal citizen is above caste, creed, religion and region. He never favours anyone. He works to help the poor and the downtrodden. He is social and shares others problem. He never considers his personal interests superior to others. He always tries to protect national properties.

He takes care that public places like bus-stands, railways stations, roads, parks, offices etc. are next and clean. He observes traffic rules. He never tries to get his work done out of turn. He waits patiently in quest for his turn. He makes the right use of civic amenities. He is law-abiding. He pays his taxes honestly.

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He never encourages nepotism, corruption, dishonesty, favourism etc. He never pays or takes bribe. He helps the law to stop these evils. He believes in law and order of the country.

He is aware of national and international affairs. He keeps himself abreast with changing times. He contributes in peace keeping efforts. He is against war. But if required, he can sacrifice his life for his country. An ideal citizen knows that, the country is not due to him, but he is due to country.

So he does everything, he can do for his country.


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