Honesty rewarded with success. Even after his

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Honesty should be maintained everywhere, at home, in school, among friends and even in the playground.

An honest person always obeys the law so he is free from serious trouble. Honesty also gives rise to spiritual strength. So one takes up any challenge with confidence. On the other hand, a dishonest person can never be sure of anything.

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He is always busy in plotting. So he never gets peace. An honest man is rewarded with success. Even after his death, people remember him. He gets love and respects from others. The life of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, is an example. Since his childhood, he tried to remain honest and truthful.

Once he went to a restaurant with his friend and took some non-vegetarian food, which was forbidden at home. He repented afterwards and honestly accepted his mistake in a letter addressed to his father. Gandhiji was expecting a severe punishment as his father was very strict but his father broke into tears as his son’s honesty touched his heart.

In his later life, Gandhiji practised honesty as a habit. Dishonesty, no doubt gives benefits sometimes but those benefits are temporary and short lived. It kills our soul and snatches away our peace of mind. It is not an easy job to remain honest in this world. One needs enough courage and sacrifice to be honest. But even then honesty has its own value and comes out victorious in the long run.


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