Holi do not spare a stranger or

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Holi is a harbinger of flowers and roses.

This change of season is welcome. We leave our quilts and woollen clothes. We put on colourful dresses. The festival of Holi is a festival of joy and happiness. Children are the happiest of the lot. They play Holi with water colours and, balloons.

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They sprinkle all sorts of colours with both the hands. They make merry for days together. Young boys and girls throw tons of colours. They leave shyness.

They become bold and dare-devils. They even do not spare a stranger or a passer-by. Their aim is pure joy and nothing else. Their joy is innocent. Their mischiefs are harmless and funny. Even the grown-ups visit their friends and relatives. They smear dry colours on their fore­heads.

Then they hug in merriment. They renew their friendship and close bond of relationship. If there is any misunderstanding, it is washed out in colours. Holi is a festival of communal harmony and brotherhood. It must be observed in that spirit.

“Only then its colours are true and meaningful. Let us not be false at heart like Holika the cunning auntie of great devotee child Prahalad. She died in the fire. We must not spoil the brotherly atmosphere. Rather we should colour it with the colours of love and good will.

Play Holi in a spirit of pure fun and frolic. It may last forever. It should annoy none.


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