Free Essay on Good Health – A God Gift

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Disease and sickness is a curse. It makes life miserable. Good health is like the morning sun­shine, mellow and bracing. It imparts comfort and happiness to others around us. A sound health is far better than a thousand other gifts.

To maintain good health we have to observe certain rules. When will we should get cured as soon as possible? But prevention is better than cure. Good health prevents sickness.

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To keep fit and healthy we must have proper diet and exercise. Malnutrition is one chief cause of poor and bad health.

Our diet should be planned and balanced. A balanced diet contains required vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. Further we must live a clean and hygienic life. Proper rests as well as work are also necessary for keeping fit.

We must take some exercise daily according to our age. Open air exercise like running, swimming, climbing are good for young. Jogging and walking are good for old people.

Certain yogasanas (exercises) and breathing exercises can help us in maintaining radiant, healthy, happy and meaningful life. Good health is the foundation of all our meaningful activities.


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