The were waiting for some bus. They were

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The number of passengers who wanted to board it was quite large.

The result was that the queue got broken. Everybody now wanted to board the bus out of turn. There was a sort of scuffle there among the passengers who wanted to board the bus and those who wanted to alight from it. Fortunately, my friend was able to board the bus, but he could not get a seat.

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He had to stand near the foot- stair in the bus. Almost immediately, the conductor blew the whistle and the bus started. It left a cloud of smoke and diesel vapours behind. My friend waved good-bye to me. I waved him back smilingly.

Then I had a look around there. I saw some passengers who were waiting for some bus. They were sitting leisurely on the bench and reading some book, magazine or newspaper. Some of them were taking snacks with tea. Others were having cold drinks. Most of the bus stops offer a miserable sight during the rainy season. Some steps should be taken to improve the lot of bus stands and provide more facilities to passengers.


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