A the thought of seeing a movie

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A few get lucky while others are turned down or ignored completely.

These disheartened ones again join at the end of the queue. Apart from the people in the queue are their companions. They eagerly wait at the entrance. Some stroll a few paces keeping an eye at their representative and smile to themselves when the tickets are waved in air by the hand they recognise. There are a few who, after purchasing the tickets, wait for more to join them for that show.

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The food stalls nearby are ready suppliers of refreshments. A few mischief mongers can also be seen. They sit idly staring at people and comment mischievously at girls only to get their varied response.

Mostly the groups of college and school students are seen. They are the most active laughing at their own jokes, running after each other, teasing or talking about their funny experiences. Only one or two families are seen.

How so ever happy they may be at the thought of seeing a movie together, somehow they have a serious look about them. May be because the children are well under guard of the parents. Finally, at the end of waiting, people begin to move inside the Hall. The ticket checker tears the section of the ticket and keeps count of the number of persons moving in. Outside, the tickets are all sold out. Some of those who couldn’t get them rush to the advance booking counter. Some begin to return with sad looks.

Some others try to spot someone who might have changed his mind to see the movie, and want to sell his ticket. Only the late comers are in great hurry. Some try to find a parking place. Some others try to bribe the parking man to get the tickets. A few just curse their luck and try to relax a while at the refreshment stalls. And some few plan to pass their time somehow or the other till the next show.

These must be the stubborn ones who decided to see the movie that very day. There are all sorts of people, no doubt! A Cinema Hall is a little world by itself. It is a fancy world that has its own boundaries of entertainment, not only by the movie it screens but also by what it makes people go through to see the movie.


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