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Frank Lloyd Wright served as a pioneer through his career as an architect, inspiring many aspects of American architecture today. He accomplished this through his fulfilling career that influenced the present design and architecture we now appreciate. Wright also demonstrated his inspiring abilities through his work, which yielded several of his highly famous signature homes.Frank Lloyd Wright’s career was not only profound, but the longevity of it was astounding. His career spanned 70 years.

Frank was quicker than his peers in making a name for himself early in his profession. He was already an accomplished draftsman and an established architect by his twenties (Architect Gallery). Wright was a true romantic and individualist. These traits showed through in his work. Frank also held a natural affinity towards nature and self-integrity.

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Wright’s main ideology, the basis of his work, was that architecture has a relationship with its site and its time (Kimberly Elman). He once said, “All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable.” (Frank Lloyd Wright Quotes) This represents Frank’s philosophy on how architecture should play a role into life as well as it does in design.Although Frank Lloyd Wright’s career was very productive, it held several boundaries.

There were limited sources of technology available during his time, which put restrictions on Wright. Because of these setbacks, Frank was forced to use his extreme innovation in structure and aesthetics. He produced a whole new style, called organic architecture. Organic architecture is a respect and appreciation for natural materials and to join the spaces into a coherent whole (Kimberly Elman). Frank was truly a pioneer in the field of architecture.

He set the standards of the creative architect so high today nothing is forbidden. (Green) One of the reason’s Wright was so influential was because he was not afraid to break the mold. Frank looked past the late…


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