FRAGMENTS the same rhythm, they came out slowly

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FRAGMENTSFragments, is an experimental performance that is not based on a specific plot or theme, so the building up to a major climax through out the performance was not very clear, however each scene had a minor climax. People who watched the performance would realize that it had a lot of tempo and rhythm. Tempo and rhythm were very clear in the performance, at times it was slow and at other times it was fast. Naji used a lot of ways to speed up the tempo.

For instance there was no pauses in between scenes. There was always something happening on stage, the character Lina and her twin were always in between the scenes. They kind of linked one scene to another and in the same time they were adding a new impression, they added to the visual picturization of the stage at times, for instance when the actors where dancing between the audience they were dancing behind they wall in their boxes.In the performance their were a lot of scenes and each scene was consistent with a different tempo and rhythm. There was the twins scene, hands scene, aquarium scene, the metamorphisis scene, wolves, chains, bags, dream, and name scene.

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Speed varied at times from slow to fast and that was very effective in creating variety and sustaining the audience's attention. In thefirst 10 minutes of the performance, movement on stage was slow, the characters came out on stage with the same rhythm, they came out slowly and stood in their positions. The metamorphosis from fetus (weak body position) to wolf (strong body position) was also slow, and this can be considered as an external technique which affects climax.

That slow beginning enabled the audience to adjust their eyes and concentration on what is happening on stage and it helped in capturing their full attention. In the wolves scenes the tempo and rhythm was in general very fast, although sudden changes of speed was used, like for …


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