It that McMurphy will become more controlling than

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It takes place in a mental institution where a new patient has just arrived.

This patient ends up messing with everyone and creating chaos in the institution. R.P. McMurphy is a new patient at the mental institution, he is a charming devil, who wants to serve a very short sentence in the mental institution instead of a long term sentence in a prison.

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This is a mistake, he suddenly learns, for he runs into Nurse Ratched, who can keep him institutionalized forever.He ends up taking over the ward, controlling the rest of the patients, and to the astonishment to medical professionals, he makes Chief Bromden, who was presumedly deaf and dumb, speak.He turns the other inmates into more extrovert people by doing all sorts of things, from playing games, arranging a party at midnight, or even staging a revolt so that the other patients can watch the world series.Afraid that McMurphy will become more controlling than she is, Nurse Ratched has McMurphy submitted to shock treatment.After he recovers, he is forced to undergo one of the worst ‘treatments’ for his final correction, a frontal lobotomy.However to save McMurphy from this, the Chief kills McMurphy, and escapes from the institution. List and Descrive the main characters in the play- R.

P. McMurphy- Patient, very loud and obnoxious, very controlling and caniving Nurse Ratched- Very mean Nurse, likes to control all the patients in the institution, by any means necessary Chief Bromden- Deaf and dumb Indian, or pressumedly so. Identify and explain a key line in the play- It’s not necessarily a key line during the play, its more of an instance during the play the sends everything spiraling down.

During the scene in which McMurphy has finally pushed Nurse Ratched to her boiling point, and she turns him to shock treatment, then schedules a frontal labotomy for him, which causes the Chief to kill him, and get the other prisoners to escape. This is a story…


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