inaNowadays, is a firm that engages in FDI

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inaNowadays, international firms focus on many countries in Asia to expandtheir business by exporting, licensing and franchise. Several firms desireto go abroad as there are main modes of foreign market entry which hasparticular advantages. Furthermore, International business includesmultinational enterprises (MNE), which is a firm that engages in FDI(Foreign Directing Investment) through ownership in another country inactivities owned or controlled by the investing firms. China is one ofAsian countries that turn into famous country for foreigner investors.After China has joined World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001, it hasbecome an important destination in Asia for foreign investors. China is the7th largest trading country with 737 million workers out of 1.

29 billion ofthe population. Investors believed that china is a fast growing undevelopedconsumer market with huge growing potential of population. Also, the marketis multi-regional segmented. Moreover, the old population in China isincreasing which means many different things to business and basic to manybusiness issues.

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