Food and Agriculture Organization – Short essay

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To help members reach these goals, FAO provides an intelligence service, including not only facts and figures relating to nutrition, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, but also appraisals and forecasts of production, distribution and consumption in these fields; promotes national and international action to improve production, marketing, processing and distribution of the products of agriculture (including fisheries and forestry), conservation of natural resources, and credit and commodity arrangement policies; and furnishes, on request, technical assistance in any of the above fields.

FAO works through a Conference, a Council and a staff. The Conference is the policy-making body, in which each member-State has one vote. Associate members have the right to attend and to take part in the discussions, but without the right to vote.

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The Conference normally meets biennially. Between sessions of the Conference, the Council supervises the work of the FAO, reviews the world food and agricultural situation and makes recommendations to member-governments, and to international bodies, on measures to improve the situation. The Council consists of thirty-one member-governments elected by the Conference.


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