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My experience with art is somewhat novice at best, but one particular piece caught my eye.It is a painting by Jackson Pollack entitled “Flame.”This piece, which is, to say the least, is abstract.

Although it is abstract, it still conveys an environment and setting.Atfirst glance, it seems to be just a pattern of colors, but after comparing the placment of the colors and shapes, it seems to me to be a certain place in time or space.Ascending from what appears to be the ground, are bright red “flames,” or shapes similar to it.The shades of red, yellow, and black look dark, and aggressively gothic, giving the total look of the piece fairly angry or suffering. It seems as though the black, red, and yellow colors are reaching out and around the light colored objects, almost smothering them.

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The few light colored shapes show to possibly be people, distorted and reaching for something.The overall appearance looks like a place between hell and purgatory.Most of the colors are red, yellow and black, and they are all very rich.

The reds are mostly the same shade, which i can only describe as fire engine red (being a firefighting major).The black background doesn’t stray from the original darkness, although intertwining between the reds and yellows.The few yellows in this oil painting are mere remnants of the red flames throughout the scene.As for the “human” objects, they feel vivid, but are pale in color, maybe because the rest of the painting is so dark.

The only shapes in the piece that seem to be lighted at all are the people and the ground in front of them.All the rest of the shapes look simply pushed back. The irregularity of the shapes in this piece all have the same flow, either rising up like flames, or being suppressed such as the people.There are no definitive shapes, sharp cornes, or straight lines in this work.They seem to easily flow together, allowing the shading be the seperation as opposed.



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