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"Fire and Ice" is one of the many poems by Robert Frost. This piece is one of the better in his voluminous collections. It is a bi-level poem that compares two sets of opposing worlds. The impact that the meanings of these worlds have is distended by the understatement at the end of the piece, which is entirely reflective of the piece. The essence of this piece is in the compression of a sinister order and the possible chaos that "the heat of love or passion and the cold of hate," can draw to the core of humanity.Frost warns of the potential destruction that fire or ice can hold in their extremities.

It is as if this omnipotent speaker stands at the event horizon of ultimate anti-virtues, peering down at both the wake and aftermath. He seemingly stands unmoved in the universe, infinitely testing the limits of the soul with subtle force.Connectedness is the key to the central idea of this poem, and abstract analysis makes what is symbolic, concrete. Though fluctuations in the interpretations are expected due to personal differences, there are the basic facts that cannot be denied. Two essentially different forms are apparently placed as opposing facets at the beginning of this piece, and an incongruity is drawn between these two forms. Thus, form is meant to be the atomic essence of the ideas that are proposed by the words fire and ice.

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It represents for each their true meanings, either literal or symbolic, when viewed objectively from their appropriate viewpoint. When "Some say the world will end in fire,Some say in ice.", it gives the impression "as if a super-scientist were weighing possible ends to the world", trying to decide which is worse." There is also an ambiguity to the statements giving them a generalizing and universal effect. It is like there are two groups, and only two groups, made up of anyone and everyone on the Earth, debating their fate. There are presented two choi.



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