“Nothing” was very intriguing. The color and cinematography

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"Nothing" is a Cuban film directed by Juan Carlos Chemata Maberti. I was able to see this film on September 10th, 2004. I enjoyed it thoroughly, although I was unable to determine why initially after seeing it. But after some carefully analyzing the film I was able to pick out several elements of the film that were almost pleasantly distressing. The movie reminded me of the chaos theory.

The butterfly effect. Because the main character, a Cuban female of approximately 25 years of age alters letters in order to make it aesthetically pleasing to the mail receiver. This offered an interesting plot structure which ultimately although simple was very intriguing. The color and cinematography in which the film was produced also added to the thematic effect of the film.

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The plot was structured a chronological order. It was non unique in the development. But the idea and story line were highly unique and interesting. The main character works in a post office.

She seems displeased with her life, which is understandable; her parents left her when she was 15 years old to go to America. They now reside in Miami and are attempting to get her a visa to come to America as well. While she is at work she will steal letters and re-phrase, revise, re-write, and modify the letters to make them more delightful to the reader. She is an amazing writer and often changes the person's life for the better. I think that she in an interesting twist is living vicariously through her recipients. They are now able to enjoy their lives as she wishes she were able to do. My favorite scene is a result of one of the womyn's (Sic.

) altered letters. The recipient is obviously feeling suicidal and has not been enjoying life for some time now. The main character alters the letter to her in a poetic manner almost indirectly encouraging her to commit suicide.

Upon receiving the letter the womyn walks despondently she walks into her home and into her res…


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