Film any previous visual possibilities.The play was

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Film and Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing There is more to Shakespeare comedy than meets the eye.Discuss how well you think the comedy'Much Ado about Nothing' translates from text to screen. Over the years Shakespeare has ventured many different stories in order to perform them in view of a live audience.

One of his many wonderful plays which appeared to be successful would be'Much ado about nothing', a romantic comedy which was written about 1598/99.In the majority of Shakespeare's comedy's, he would take a serious issue and simply laugh at it.It would appear to be a simple misunderstanding rather than an issue to the audience, therefore they would be content in their viewing. The pattern of Shakespeare comedy's appeared to be of one action triggering a sequence of events and almost misleading the story in another direction.It was a genre, which needed full interpretation of it's meaning and therefore meanings were repeated through the play in order to keep the audience in understanding.Characters within the plays were often presented in a way in which society would accept, however gradually throughout the play it was Shakespeare's routine to let they're masks slip just to catch a glimpse of what lay ahead.

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The standard routine for Shakespeare would always be a performance on stage during daytime hours, this regime is continued throughout the world to this day (extending there viewing until night).Theatres perform many live productions capturing the ambience of a performance which only people present at that time can see and will never again be repeated.Therefore an obvious task lay ahead for Kenneth Branagh when he decided to take the text'Much ado about nothing' and take it to the screen.

Kenneth Branagh's film released in 1993, exploiting any previous visual possibilities.The play was set in Messina with panoramic…


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