Almost trying to persuade. Visual artists create art

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Almost everywhere we look, visual images are competing for our attention, entertaining us, or trying to persuade. Visual artists create art to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas through painting, sculpting, or illustration.Illustrators and graphic designers are practical artists who put their talents at the service of commercial clients.Clients include major corporations; retail stores; and advertising, design, and publishing firms (Harkavy 288).Graphic artists convey a message or create an effect by visual means, using illustration, typography and/or photography (CC).This career field welcomes originality and creativity with open arms, letting the artists further explore their imagination. Graphic designers are not primarily fine artists, although they may be highly skilled at drawing or painting, most designs commissioned to graphic designers involve both artwork and copy (Ferguson 158).

Thus, the designer must not only be familiar with the wide range of art media and styles, but he or she must also be familiar with a wide range of typefaces and know how to manipulate them for the right effect (Ferguson 158).Because design tends to change in a similar way to fashion, graphic designers have to be up-to-date with the latest trends and hot looks.At the same time, designers must be well grounded in more traditional with classical designs (Ferguson 158).

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According to the Internet site, Careerconnex, a successful graphic designer needs to have a passion for art.Artistic talent is crucial in this line of work.A few requirements include a strong sense of color, an eye for detail, a sense of balance and proportion, and sensitivity to beauty (CC).Besides having artistic abilities, a good graphic designer needs to be creative and have a broad knowledge of techniques for rendering reproducible art in various multiple media.

According to Harkavy, other qualities graphic designers need to have for a succ…


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