In that period.Early modern artists expanded and broadened

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In the early twentieth-century art became a form of expression through personal experiences, nature, and visual aspects of the world during that period.Early modern artists expanded and broadened the image and value of art.They explored different styles of art that merged painting and sculpture and left no borderlines between the both.

The artists of this period found abstraction and experimentation a way to break away from conventional forms of art.Cubism, Futurism, Fauvism, and Nonobjective art were the many styles that were used in famous paintings of the early twentieth-century.Fauvism was one that was concerned with color, rather than space and motion. Developed in France, Fauvism was all about color and more color.The name Fauves, French for "Wild Beasts" was given to the artists who painted to this style because many critics thought they used intense colors in a violent uncontrolled way.The leader of the Fauves was Henri Matisse.

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Matisse along with other painters had to undergo a lot of criticism such as "color madness" and "the sport of child."However, Henri Matisse used color as a pure and sensuous pleasure.It was an escape and a time for a personal vision of his own.All of Henri Matisse's works demonstrate that he was thefirst to articulate colors and shapes as being comparisons to feelings and emotions.

In his portrait of Madame Matisse also known as The Green Line, he uses flat color patches, extreme color radiance, and used a certain type of expression in the portrait that sends signals of a troubled, depressed, and fatigued image.Another example of his work is Dance 1, here he uses color abstraction and captures the gay feeling of a Mediterranean culture which he was intrigued by. Fauvism was a short-lived movement, only 1898-1908, but had substantial influence on some of the expressionists.Many artists followed Matisse's views and art form until the d..



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