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The 1960's were the beginning of the new youth culture. Young people suddenly had power, they wanted to have a say on what was going on at that particular time. The best way to do this was through the music, hence the universal language. Music was used as a way to express emotions about everything, and to make political and other statements.

Fashion reflected the music by making a statement and expressing personal opinions. The 1960's clothing styles developed along simpler, more youthful lines. It was the decade that had it's own fashions directed specifically at teenagers. Before the 60's, teenagers dressed like their parents. The Mod movement of the early 1960's originated as such a youth subculture. However, by the mid 1960's it had evolved into a more generalized yet at the same time more outrageous form of fashion. It led to an explosion of the youth culture, which gave all teenagers a style of dress they could call their own.

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This style was very revolutionary but it eventually influenced the fashions of the entire decade for people of all ages, changing fashions from mass-market clothes all the way up to the haute couture industry. 1960's "fashion became more youthful; they became simpler, shorter, and brighter."1 By the middle of the decade fashion was turned on its ear, as elements of styles initiated by the young permeated the clothing of all ages and all classes. Elements such as short skirts, bright colours, graphic patterns and unusual materials found their way into mainstream and haunt couture clothing. So, from a mainstream fashion that was fairly conservative we can identify a gradual change that continued until the mid 1960's, when it finally affected all areas of fashion.

After all, young people were beginning to be a force to be reckoned with. This gradual change seemed to occur alongside the development of the music movement. The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Jimi…


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