The tomb.About five feet above the floor

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The art works are Jan Van Eyck the virgin with canon van der Paele dated 1436 and the other is the holy trinity by massaccio dated 1428.

The trinity located in the church of Santa Maria novella in Florence in 1428.The trinity refers to the Christian concept of father, son, and the Holy Ghost.You can see the father holding the arms of Christ on the cross, and the dove above Christ’s head represent the Holy Ghost.In addition at the foot of the stand, Virgin Mary is on the left and apostle john is on the right.The man and woman on both sides are husband and wife who paid to the art created, they were known as Mr. and Mrs.

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Lorenzo lenzi.Below figures are the skeletons of Adam.The message is that the sins of man can be forgiven if one faith in the sacrifice of Christ and redemption offered by god.Massaccio uses one point perspective to make the composition convincing.His use of the architectural space is very important.God stands on a heavy bracketed cornice.

The crucifixion takes place in a barrel vault.Each end of the vault is decorated with ionic columns supporting the arch.The columns are flanked by Corinthian pilasters, which are flat, vertical architectural ornaments.At the top is a classical entablature.The squares on the vaulted ceiling are called coffers; they are thinner then the rests of the ceiling, which reduces the weight of the vault and the material to build it.

Massaccio placed the vanishing point at the foot of the cross.With this at eye level, viewers look up at the trinity and down at the tomb.About five feet above the floor level, the vanishing point pulls the two views together, creating the illusion of an actual structure that transects the wall;s vertical place.While the tomb projects, the chapel recedes visually behind the wall and appears as an extension of the viewer;s space.

This adjustment of the pictured space to the position of viewers was afirst step in the d…


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