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To start with the essay I would like to put forward an incident from the movie " GOD MUST BE CRAZY" , asthis came to my mind while reading the Picture yourself in Africa, wandering aimlessly through the jungle with tears streaming down your face and your heart broken because your pet gorilla has forsaken you and run off with a group of other apes. You stumble into a village of natives, who gather around you and seem curious as to what's going on in your life.

Unable to choke back the sobs, you spill your life story, your hopes and dreams, joys and sorrows. The natives just stand and stare at you, as you hear a few snickers and see a few smiles. You grow irritated that they have not responded the way you thought they would, so you jump up and down and yell angrily at them about all the pain and injustice you have endured. They still stand and stare, their snickers growing louder, their smiles wider.

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You can't understand how it can be that you have expressed such intense feelings and emotions to these people and have gotten no reaction, no sympathy, no connection. Quite simply, you don’t speak their language and they don’t speak yours, and you were too wrapped up in your own despair to notice. You most certainly have expressed yourself, but there has been no communication. This might be the most extremes of the example but as gombrich in theessay Expression and Communication says that "our culture and our education,moreover have interfered with our primitive reactions". " Our gestures and expressions which we believe to be natural are still filtered through the conventions of our culture"(Gombrich 57). Gombrich starts the essay with the Romantic idea of art as the language of emotions.

The artist try to use their artwork as tool of expression toward life. Fromthe beginning of time each work of art, excluding the replicas…


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