This purpose, in which it was designed, and

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This assignment is about focusing on examples of good and bad architecture. However, how can one determine what is good architecture and what is bad architecture?Good architecture, is that, which serves its purpose in which it was designed.Good architecture is also determined in how it is utilized and maintained.On the other hand, examples of bad architecture include, not serving it's purpose, in which it was designed, and not being well maintained. In this assignment I chose two buildings that I thought was an example of good architecture and one that I thought was an example of bad architecture.The leasingoffice of Palmetto South Apartments is an example of bad architecture and Palmetto South Apartment complex is an example of good architecture.

The leasing office of Palmetto South Apartments is an example of bad architecture for several reasons: climate control in the laundry room and the usage of space within the building.Because the laundry room has a tendency to get extremely hot, there are not any ways that are devised to allow the heat to get out.This causesthe laundry room to become very uncomfortable when students go into retrieve their clothesor leave them to be washed. This excessive amount of heat causes the room to become very humid which also causes the floors to become slippery.Because the floors are wet from the humidity someone could easily slip and fall, in turn, becoming injured.The other factor in determining this building as an example of bad architecture was the usage of the space inside.

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There are two rooms in particular that have good reasons they were created, but are not utilized. The lobby/ receptionist area is designed for people to sit while waiting to speak with a RA(resident assistant) or the owner of the complex, but very seldom do people us that area.The other room is the recreation room.This room is designed for studentswho resi…


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