1a. fallacy is a hasty generalization because

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1a. Thefirst logical fallacy is in Terrance's reasoning that the situation with Mrs.

Athens is a special circumstance and that all rules have exceptions.The second fallacy is in the sergeant's reasoning that free meals led to cash bribes and corruption, and eventually to getting drugs.Another fallacy comes again from the sergeant in his statement that Terrance is a dumb rookie and another in saying that restaurant owners don't have any respect for rules and policies and that if Terrance doesn't drop this issue he isn't being a good cop.

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This is followed by another fallacy in Terrance's statement that because the sergeant was lectured for using excessive force he is in no place to lecture on ethics and that despite what experts on law enforcement say there is really nothing wrong with accepting a free meal. 1b. Thefirst fallacy is a provincialism.The second fallacy is a hasty generalization.The third fallacy is an ad hominem abusive followed by ad hominem circumstantial.The next fallacy is a red herring followed by an appeal to emotion regarding the work cops do. 1c.

Thefirst fallacy is identified as a provincialism because it represents a narrow minded view that this is a special circumstance because it suits his position.The second fallacy is a hasty generalization because the sergeant generalizes that all this specific things will lead to other criminal activities.The third fallacy is an ad hominem abusive because it is an attempt to disparage the character of the deputy and the next is an ad hominem circumstantial because it is an attempt to demerit the statements.The following fallacy is a red herring in that it is an attempt to distract the sergeant by making him focus on his own disciplinary problems.The last fallacy is an appeal to emotions as it shows that cops are underappreciated and attempts to make one feel pity or empathy for them. 2.

The problem here is wh…


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