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Estee Lauder was a successful cosmetic designer that has been around for a long time till her disappointing death in April 24 of 2004. She is one of the women most looked up to, because of her famous cosmetic line that estimates to about 2 billion dollars from world wide sales and 5.

4 if you add her other cosmetic brands and stores, like MAC. To get her to this fortune she put her heart and devotion into it.Estee Lauder was a daughter of two immigrants, a French catholic mother and a Jewish father that inhabited New York. She was born in Queens, New York July 1, 1906, even though her birth certificate states that it was in 1908. Her, real, full name was Josephine Esther Mentzer, but family called her Esty, short for Esther. But the name changed when, a school official, mistakenly, put down Estee instead of Esty.

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Her child hood is a total mystery till this date.In January 15, 1930, at the age of 26 she married a businessman by the name of Joseph Lauter. His last name later changed to the famous Lauder. Three years after their marriage they added a new family member, their first son Leonard A. Lauter.During her marriage, in the 1930s, Estee sold her chemist uncles face creams that he mixed in his laboratory. That later interested her into experimenting with face creams herself. She improved the creams and named them by her name, Estee Lauder.

She began her cosmetic business in New York and Miami Beach, Florida, while the time of the depression struck the U.S. She didnt pay much attention to her family because of her new rising buisiness and divorced her husband Joseph in 1939, but later in 1942 she noyticed the huge mistake she had met because he made her incredibly happy.Her talent in selling her products was exceptionally great. Her products sold more when she began to give lipsticks within the gift package when someone bought her products. This method called word-of-mouth advertising raised her selling ranges sky-high.

Seeing that she was successful, she invested money into making big marketing plans. She had an idea of selling her products in biggest and best department stores with models advertising her products in pictures. After her thrive at Soaks Fifth Avenue(a big department store) in New York, she expanded to several parts of the country and till this date her products Estee Lauder is a triumph and accumulated a lot of wealth.


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