There travels to other lands and people.

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There are different types of travellers, some travel for business, others for travelling and others to see the wonders of the world. Some others travel to boast about themselves and to display their knowledge before others. Traveller is always benefited from his travels to other lands and people.

In comparison to books travelling appeals better to all the senses of the man, the former is to mind only. The knowledge got from books is theoretical whereas travelling is a practical knowledge. The person­ally seen or heard things have a deeper impact on our minds and have long lasting impression. Travelling is a source of education, as it enables us to exchange our ideas with other people from different parts of the country as well as of the world. It enables us to see the different culture, knowledge about different languages, different types of arts, new natural sights such as rivers, lakes, mountains and oceans. We get new ideas for our imagination, which enables the formation of literature.

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There are many famous books on travelling, such as Marco Polo’s ‘Travel in East”, Aldons Husele’s-‘Jesting Pilate”, Stevenson’s ‘Travel with a Donkey”, etc. These books are famous and have millions of readers throughout the world. Today we have greater opportunities for travelling as we have a lot of ways of transport. In today’s world of false propaganda, we just could not depend on newspaper and mass media. By travelling we can know about the truth of international affairs.

Travelling broadens our mental horizon and sheds narrow communal, sectional and religious preju­dices. So travelling is a very important means of education.


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