I enquiry of the police into the alleged

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I was waiting for the result with fear. On this day the sad­dest one in my life – my result was to be declared. I looked at the result. My fears only turned out to be too true.

My roll number was missing in the list of successful students. My old father was then ill. He had been suffering from high blood pressure. The news of my failure shocked him. He was speechless with sorrow. He expected much of me.

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I was once the brightest boy in the school. All my teachers spoke highly of me. But Mathematics had let me down. It appears as if circumstances conspired together to undo me. Fate had turned against me.

There was still another shock in store for me and the whole family. My elder brother was employed in Civil Supplies. He was the head clerk in the office. He had been suspended on the alleged charge of corruption. It was alleged that he had taken bribes from the people. He was not on good terms with the boss. He-made out a false case against him. On his report he was suspended.

An enquiry of the police into the alleged charges against my brother was held. We were sure that my brother’s innocence would be proved. There was not much evidence against him. But the police collected a mass of lies against my brother. All false evidence was cleverly put before the magistrate. We thought that the learned magistrate would see through the game and know the truth. But no, even the magistrate was befooled by the crooked evidence of the police. It was on this day at about 8 p.

m. that we received a telegram. When I opened the envelope, my ailing father impatiently enquired of the contents.

With tears in my eyes, I told my father that it was the dismissal order of my brother. My father was wild with grief. My brother was the only bread earner in the family.

We all depended on him for our life. The shock was too severe for my sick old father to bear. He died under it.

The whole family wailed. My two younger brothers and a sister were beside themselves with grief. They wept bitterly. The people of our village came to sympathize with us in our tragedy. This indeed was the saddest day in my life.


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